Who we are

Our Mission:

Falcon Heights Hotel is a niche boutique hotel that nestles in the lush landscaped gardens right in the heart of Nanyuki. We have welcomed guests to our 16 luxurious rooms and executive 2 bedroom cottage since December 2011.

Boasting 21st Century sophistication while nodding to contemporary taste, our hotel combines elegance with a simple touch of the Kenyan cozy countryside experience offering a unique holiday escape plan into our charming nature-inspired spaces.

Falcon Heights Hotel offers a ‘near home’ experience with our spacious well-appointed rooms and bathrooms that come tucked with lounge chairs,  comfy beds and multi-functional furniture that appeals to guests on vacation or business trips. We provide fully functional LCD flat screens in our rooms and guests can access rooms secured with key card locks.

Guests staying with us have complimentary tea and coffee service.

At Falcon Heights Hotel, we have an ultra-modern conference facility that can host up to 50 guests indoors and 500 outdoors. At all times the guests enjoy signature mouthwatering cuisine and warm Kenyan hospitality.

The Journey

The story of our hotel is Inspired by the peregrine falcon bird, considered the fastest animal on earth.  The unique abilities that allow it to soar to heights above most birds so as to spot its prey impeccably from miles away accelerating to swoop precisely to catch it.

This is what birthed our motto  “Soaring in hospitality”

Our Values


To Clients: This value offers a new way to connect and compel with the guests, creating a greater brand loyalty across generations of the guests.

To Associates: Helps in living a transparent and authentic life allowing our relationship with God to illuminate at our workplace environment as showing our principles and having a vision for the workplace.

To Community: It provides social cohesion to help maintain social solidarity through shared beliefs and rituals enforcing religious based morals and norms to help maintain conformity and control in society.

To Clients: It shows that we honour them choosing to stay with us influencing clients to come again enhancing the growth of clients database and loyalty from our guests

To Associates: this value automatically boosts their performance in the workplace after being recognized, bringing forth teamwork in the sense that all associates see the value of each other in the business. It encourages when hard work is also seen for those going on an extra mile in their work. Positivity is brought about among the business atmosphere unity is gained.

To Community: The way associates in the company carry themselves plays a big role in the community surrounding us. They see how we are united at doing our work and it impacts them positively that working together is fruitful. Once they leisure on our grounds they feel at home from our friendliness and kindness hence bring a good relationship between us and the society.

To Clients: The guests can see the employee engagement as they get to receive online marketing on what we are offering and also great listeners from employees.

To Associates: This value has helped to lift up the team by providing resources and coaching them to success as they serve customers, i.e, empowering the team.

To Community: Always feel they are part of us, free to ask anything since they always know they will get nice feedback and they are always welcomed.

To Associates: Gives a direction on how to communicate to clients and the colleges and what not to come from the mouth.

To Clients: Clients are able to communicate freely to the associates and give corrective feedback.

To Clients: Satisfying the needs of customers require organizations to maintain close and kind contact with them. When organized will are able to market our packages to clients early and handling guests feedback we use our methods that encourage them all to feel free to view their thoughts. It helps us know our clients are the reason we have organizations in business, they are the way to revenue and profit to the business.

To Associates: Tasks are done effectively when associates exercise teamwork and on time. Colleges learn organizational skills and behaviour from coming to work on time, being polite and being efficient in their area of work.

To Community: When a company is organized it tends to have a booming business hence attracts the society around positively since roads are made hence better infrastructure around plus shopping units grows, hence more jobs.

 To Associates: It’s through nurture that colleges recognize shortcomings in each other and work towards ensuring these shortcomings are overcome. This is done gently and with love.

To Community: As Falcon Family, we walk towards ensuring the neighbouring community benefits through building of warm relationships with them. Being part of the community through various initiatives aimed at building and promoting growth within the community.


To Associates: It offers the chance to start from the bottom all the way to the top giving limitless possibilities to gain and develop universal skills that benefits employees in their chosen profession that can be applied in the various departments they work in.

To Clients: Encourages repeat guests due to the best experiences they had making them refer their relatives and friends to our hotel.

To Community: Offers a way to strengthen friendship and family ties as gathering in domestic settling, alongside shared public spaces as parks, gardens and squares.

To Associates: Working together as colleges and giving the very best in our duties in order to attain the Falcon Heights Hotel as a 5 star quality services.

To Community: Working towards ensuring the neighbouring community receives the best from Falcon Heights.

To Clients: Falcon Heights staff offering excellent service to clients to ensure they (guest) enjoy their stay, are well catered for and look forward to staying at Falcon Heights once more.

To Associates: This value acts as a reminder to practice honesty and faithfulness in my work, to guests and colleges.

To clients: Clients appreciate the high level of integrity, trustworthiness the staff especially when handling their belongings, luggage and lost and found items.

To Clients: Due to our services and great hospitality the client has that motivation of referring others like friends or colleges to visit us.

To Associates: This value has helped the employees to go the extra mile by doing online marketing, follow up with guests and by learning new things each day that will help up-sell.

To Community: The community feels it can depend on us due to our quality and services that we offer. They feel safe when they are around us and more so feel satisfied.

To Associates: Gives direction on how we are supposed to live with each other and to avoid unpleasant conflict with each other.

To Clients: Clients are able to see the harmony among all associates, in which they appreciate and make them feel they are in the right place and recommend and market us out there.

To Clients: The guests feel a part of the team when sees everyone working together and serve them. The communication within ourselves how we handle their queries and concerns. It gives them a positive impact of the hotel and its employees.

To Associates: This value has helped us to be one, understand each other's opinions and also good communication within ourselves.

To Community: The community gives us a sense of belonging, respect and motivation.

Associates: As colleagues work together, do your best as an individual to ensure collectively the expected results are achieved. Remember to work not because there is a supervisor, but as if we are working for the Lord.

To Clients: Staff output to clients should be the best. In return, clients will choose to reserve with us time and again.

To the Community: Treat the community around us with respect, offering the best of ourselves to contribute to the growth of our surrounding community.